About “Holistic” stability in 3ds Max

The 3ds Max SDK is an inherent part of 3ds Max’s core. Most components shipping today in max are plugins in their own rights. We could say the the max development team is eating its own dog food and that would insinuate that the SDK is rock solid and well tested. True… Mostly.

FBX/Collada vs Alembic

FBX/Collada vs Alembic. I explain in this post while Alembic is very good at what it does, it differs from a general interop format like FBX or Collada and as a result, why it isn’t a suitable option all the time.

The Cult of Done Manifesto.

Hello, Here’s a little manifest written by Bre Pettis which fit pretty nicely to software development. In fact, it even goes well with my vision of the Agile methodology. So well, that I read it again every full moon, just…

Quick solar study

Here a solar study for a house, exported from Revit into 3ds Max via FBX. The render was produced using a Sun System and Mental Ray. I mostly haven’t configured anything. I haven’t touched the materials either. The study is…